The Role of Data in Gaming Influencer Marketing

Technology underpins everything we do at Wehype. In this post, we explore what makes our gaming influencer marketing platform unique, and the limitless power of data that enables us to connect brands with the right creators.
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data analytics from gaming influencer marketing campaigns

Technology has always been a huge passion of ours, and it underpins everything that all of us at Wehype do every day. We wanted to use this opportunity to dive deeper into our platform and the innovation we’re building together. This includes looking specifically at the world of data collection; how we capture, analyze, and use tech to find the right influencers to market the games we get to support.

There are more than 40 million active gaming channels on YouTube and 9.2 million active content creators every month on Twitch, leading to endless possibilities for gaming influencer marketing. The choices can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to know where to start. How can you find well-suited creators to promote your game, and accomplish that at scale?

The answer, quite simply, is our technology. The Wehype platform is directly integrated with both YouTube and Twitch, which has allowed us to collect data from 18,000 different games within the last two months alone.

Playing Cupid – Matchmaking Brands with the Right Content Creators

The Wehype platform uses this enormous bank of data to present a treasure trove of insight in order to help brands connect with the right audiences for a game. To market a game effectively, each campaign should be completely unique and not focused solely on the biggest audiences or blockbuster creators. The key to a successful campaign is to find tailored clusters of creators who make relevant content for well-suited audiences.

There are several criteria we use for this matchmaking process. First, we look at relevant games which are particularly popular and performing well with creators. We also go deeper, by analyzing the genres they represent and even gameplay modes, like Battle Royale, Squads, and Co-Op. With this type of granular data, we can see which specific gameplay moments and formats will lead to the best engagement for our clients.

video game content creator target categories

We get to know our creators, so they can make content that feels natural and relevant to their communities. By understanding the genres that creators are already passionate about, we can present them with new games that we know they will love! Then, their excitement will be authentic throughout the amazing content they make.

It’s this data-driven and targeted approach that sets Wehype apart, and really delivers value for our clients and creators.

A Data Toolkit to Understand Audiences

As well as understanding creators and their potential compatibility with the games we’re promoting, we have a number of other data tools at our disposal to understand another key segment: the viewer.

Viewer data is essential to the work we do, and our algorithm ensures high accuracy when estimating view counts. This means our clients know they’re getting the best value for their money with the communities they’re reaching. We love diving into data that demonstrates engagement, like chat data. There’s a difference between an engaged viewer, and a viewer that has a stream playing in the background. It’s why we monitor the volume of conversations, to fully understand the participation level of the people watching.

viewer minutes on twitch gaming content

It’s through a vast tapestry of data points that we are able to match the perfect creators to games, understand audiences, and deliver scalable campaigns to gamers around the world. Data is the foundation on which our team of experts work their magic, to meet (and often exceed!) client goals.

We’re extremely proud of the technology product we’ve built at Wehype, and the campaigns it helps us deliver. Want to know more about how you can run data-driven influencer marketing campaigns for your game?

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