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Wehype’s Support-a-Creator: Elevating Game-Creator Collaborations

Gaming, alongside the wider tech industry, is currently undergoing a significant transformation. Privacy is no longer merely a "nice to have"; it has evolved into a fundamental aspect of strategy for major industry players, compelling related sectors to either evolve or face irrelevance. This paradigm shift is particularly evident within the gaming sphere, especially in the realm of collaborating with Creators. In this context, Royden James, Chief Product Officer at Wehype, introduces the Wehype Support-a-Creator API and delves into how innovation is pivotal in ushering in this fresh, privacy-centric approach to operations.

6 minsAug 17, 2023
involving content creators early game development
Involving Content Creators Early in Game Development

In this blog post, we explore the benefits of involving content creators prior to the launch of your game, and share the lessons we've learned to ensure compelling and successful marketing campaigns.

3 minsApr 12, 2023
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Guest Blog: How to Optimize Mobile Game App Store Results

In this guest blog, our friends at Geeklab help us navigate how to supplement your influencer marketing campaigns with App Store Optimization and A/B testing to boost visibility and conversion rates.

2 minsMar 23, 2023