How to Level Up Your Mobile Game with Influencer Marketing

We explore the opportunities with influencer marketing and how we shape campaigns for mobile games, the largest gaming format worldwide.
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As gamers ourselves, our work at Wehype reaches every corner of gaming, spanning genres and platforms on PC, consoles and beyond. One of the frontiers of the industry we’re particularly excited about heading into 2023 is mobile gaming.

New data this year reveals 60 percent of the gaming market is dominated by mobile, making it the largest format worldwide. Mobile is democratizing the gaming industry, with more varied mobile genre preferences; half of the top mobile games by consumer spend in the United States focus on a female audience, and mobile game spending has grown steadily among Gen X and Baby Boomers in 2022.

Influencer marketing can be used to elevate mobile game performance, and Wehype is gearing up to help publishers maximize this potential. Mobile gaming is seeing exponential success and the market is becoming increasingly saturated, making it difficult for publishers to cut through the noise. Since the use of mobile marketing to maximize acquisition and monetization has remained largely the same for years, content creators can be the secret to success in many cases.

Using new marketing tools can have risks, but at Wehype we have the reach and capacity to test campaigns in a smaller and less expensive environment. This allows us to target lookalike creator clusters in order to scale campaigns with more certainty. Essentially, we can eliminate the inconsistencies and hit-or-miss results that companies are experiencing with influencer marketing, especially in the busy mobile landscape.

A Long-Term Partner in Your Influencer Journey  

To harness the power of influencer marketing to promote mobile games, publishers need an expert and trusted long-term partner. We at Wehype become an ‘extended-arm’ to a publisher’s team, providing tailored support. With our experienced team and a strong array of existing in-house creator relationships, we bring a unique set of benefits to the table to help drive brand reach and awareness for the long haul.

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The key to our success lies in our unique combination of brand-building and acquisition-focused campaigns; we measure the reach and awareness of a campaign, as well as attribution, using our own technology and that of our partners. This allows us to share detailed, data-driven insights. 

Our test-and-learn setup is a key feature of Wehype’s service. We are in it for the long haul, and understand that a mobile game campaign is often always switched on. As mentioned in our last post, our use of data is the most important piece in our toolkit, and the magic is made when we combine third-party attribution data with our tracking of content performance indicators.

Matching our data (such as viewer minutes) with traditional mobile marketing KPIs (including installs, revenue, and downloads) via third-party integration enables us to tweak and optimize campaigns over time. We can also provide specific insight into what is and isn’t working for particular campaigns, and use these key learnings to minimize risk.

Furthermore, our platform provides a means for enabling scale with ease. Our experts are ready to hit the ground running and set up multiple creator activations with low effort required from the publishers internal team. We are able to target and reach anyone, no matter how niche the audience, and mold our efforts around a publisher’s unique goals at any given time with our powerful arsenal of data.

Expand, Expand, Expand – Reaching New, Relevant Audiences

In an age where authenticity and the ‘micro-influencer’ are coming into their own, finding a niche and growing in it is becoming more important for success. This has been proven in our campaigns to be one of the most concrete ways of securing a relevant and engaged inflow of new players. So how do you find your niche and get your games on specific players’ radars?

Wehype provides dedicated teams to handle all stages of a creator campaign, and our use of data means we have the scope of work and analysis across genres and platforms to tell mobile game publishers which players are the right ones to reach, and which creators are in a position to reach them. You can read more about how we handpick these creators here.

We also have both the technology and knowledge to identify the right sources to enable vital traffic. In other words, we can help segment players depending on performance. This means we scrutinise audiences not only by demographic and gaming genre, but by what category they fall into in terms of benefitting the game’s success; whether they are dedicated players, gamers who engage frequently with monetisation features, or new, untapped audiences who could take the game’s success to the next level. We then integrate this data into campaign reviews and tweak accordingly to optimise our reach for tangible results.

Both the success of mobile gaming, and the marketing opportunities that come along with it, are only projected to climb further over the next five years. At Wehype, we are both proud and excited that we have the expertise and capability to help mobile game publishers further this success with our tailored, data-driven support, and the abundant realm of potential that influencer marketing has to offer.

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