Finding the Best Gaming Influencers for Marketing Campaigns

There are millions of gaming influencers making memorable video content, but it can be difficult for brands to find the best content creators to work with. In this blog post, we outline our approach to forging successful creator campaigns and partnerships.
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Since Wehype was created in 2016, the gaming content creation space has virtually exploded. The number of creators on Twitch grew from 2 million that year, to nearly 12 million in 2021. Over on YouTube, more than 90 million hours of gaming content was livestreamed, with more than 250 million new gaming related videos uploaded which received more than 800 billion views. This naturally sparks an environment of healthy competition, creativity and potential — and gaming brands are becoming more aware of the hotbed of possible partnerships, seeking to use it to reach the right audiences and engage their communities. So, with millions of high quality content creators on multiple platforms to choose from, how do you find the best gaming influencers that fit your marketing strategies?

This is where Wehype comes in.

We help gaming brands, developers and publishers navigate the vast choice of talented individuals, and with our tailored, data-driven approach, we identify the creator partnerships that offer the greatest impact. Our campaign staff has worked with some of the leading video game brands, tapping into diverse gaming communities to promote more than 150 games across PC, consoles and mobile. Wehype has facilitated more than 21,000 various creator activations across 55 countries — and we’re just getting started.

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A common mistake when putting together an influencer marketing strategy is placing too much importance on working with the most-followed content creators. Even though partnering with the largest names can boost credibility for your game, it is not necessarily the most impactful way to connect with gamers. We find campaigns that leverage the most relevant creators tend to be most effective, instead of prioritizing large viewership and subscriber counts. The criteria we use to choose content creators for a particular campaign will differ depending on the campaigns goals. There are several factors when it comes to finding the best content creators to work with, like viewership and engagement numbers when creating content for similar games, social media platforms, audience demographics, and brand safety parameters. These data points allow us to pick influencers who will create content that’s both authentic and relevant to their audiences.

We also consider using micro-influencers to further maximize ROI and relevancy for campaigns. These are content creators who have a smaller but particularly niche following, and can create more impact for certain titles because of their relevance and target market. In many cases, we’ve found that micro-influencers have a more engaged audience, which tends to lead to greater conversion rates. This means that if the creator is promoting a game, a bigger portion of their community is likely to purchase it, compared to creators who might have larger followings. At Wehype, we believe there is a lot of untapped potential with smaller, talented creators, and we are committed to helping gaming brands diversify their influencer marketing spend to achieve better results by fully realizing this.

Our CEO, Robin Åström, has talked about the benefits of using micro-influencers in gaming influencer marketing in an interview with Forbes. We also see great value in harnessing the power of several influencers for some campaigns. As an entire cluster of influencers spans a larger range of audiences, it allows gaming brands to reach a more diverse and committed audience.

It can be complicated, confusing and time consuming to figure out the best approach to gaming influencer marketing. This is where Wehype’s knowledge of the gaming industry alongside our data-driven platform come together to facilitate successful partnerships. We help developers and game publishers reach the right audiences and create the biggest impact, whether it’s through a wide variety of content creators.

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