A new look and crossing the pond

Welcome to our new blog page! As Co-founder and CEO of Wehype, I thought it right that I introduce you to our newest website feature and, given that we’re at such an exciting phase in our company journey, speak a little bit about where we’re headed.
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A New Look and Crossing the Pond – An Update From Wehype

We’ve grown so fast recently (our annual revenue quadrupled in 2021!) that it’s hard for myself and my Co-founders Gustaf and Emil Smith to believe. We’ve come a long way since meeting all those years ago through the very same thing that connects us today – gaming.

Gustaf and I first connected on Steam, playing Counter-Strike, and I think this really gives you an insight into the way we have approached our business. First and foremost, we love gaming and we understand its tremendous cultural value within society. We founded Wehype because we believed that brands were struggling to unlock this immense potential. Fast forward, 6 years later, and the company is unrecognisable, and we have some particularly exciting updates to share with you:

This month, Wehype is on the move. We’ve just opened our New York office, on 25 W. 39th Street in Manhattan, so we can better serve American brands and creators and fully commit to being a global enterprise. By strengthening our presence in one of the biggest gaming markets in the world, which hit $40 Billion in revenue in 2021, we will be even better placed to tailor our influencer marketing strategies for American audiences and companies. To support this move, Gustaf has been appointed President of North America and has ‘crossed the pond’.

On top of the New York office, as of this week, we have launched a new Wehype brand, which you’ll begin to see across our website and social media. We believe that this new identity better reflects our goal to provide simple and scalable influencer marketing experiences for companies and creators. This blog is a cornerstone of our new brand, and it will allow us to bring you company updates, interviews with members of the team and creators we work with, and cutting-edge insights from the industry.

Wehype’s new-look branding, office location, and recent company growth has only been possible thanks to the amazing team we have. To help keep up with demand, in 2021 alone we almost doubled our team size, adding even more Hypers to our ranks. We also helped companies sponsor YouTube content seen over 73 million times and over 4,500 Twitch streams, from more than 1,000 new Twitch partners.

Wehype’s enduring growth over the past few years, along with these exciting company improvements, means that 2022 should be our best year yet! We can’t wait to see what it has in store for us in Europe, North America and beyond, and we’re delighted to have you with us on this journey.

Stay hyped!

Robin Åström
Founder & CEO