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    Focusing on the content, not admin

    WackyJacky101 creates content and streams via YouTube and Twitch, specializing in First Person Shooters (FPS). Outside of gaming, he enjoys airsoft and intends to make content around that in the future.

    WackyJacky101 came to Wehype as he wanted a solution that would save him time — eliminating the legwork of personal admin and the stress of contracts. We knew exactly what he meant and welcomed him onto our platform. Since then, Henrik has been making awesome content with a range of cool brands.

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    Working with Wehype is super simple which is something I appreciate a lot as a creator.

    WackyJacky101Content Creator

    Less of the practical, more of the content

    Once WackyJacky101 is matched with brands via our platform, we make it easy for him to understand the nature of the sponsorship — putting deliverables, payment terms, and every other relevant detail in one, tidy place. Making it easy to go from A to B. “The biggest benefit of working with Wehype is the simplicity and ease of use. I saved a ton of time by how easy it is to review and accept offers — basically to get to the part where I start creating content super quick without much fuzz”, says WackyJacky101.

    And if he has any questions? We’re on hand to speak to WackyJacky101 via Discord every single day. And if you’re not a Discord user, don’t sweat, we can chat via email if you prefer. “When I come to Wehype with questions they’re quickly answered and Wehype have been good to follow up on content too when doing larger campaigns”.

    Thank you, WackyJacky101!

    Gaining a bird’s eye view

    A key feature of our platform is the creator sponsorship management. This gives WackyJacky101 a simple overview of all the opportunities, what’s needed, and how to cash-out. Above all, it’s straightforward and easy to use, says WackyJacky101: “I love the simplicity and ease of use. When doing promotions with Wehype I spend a minimum amount of time on the ‘paperwork’ and can focus entirely on the content. The platform is a really easy way to get a quick overview of what promotions you have”.

    Keeping his head in the game

    We started Wehype to help content creators focus on what they do best: creating content. Not admin, not paperwork. But without a dedicated platform, this is, well, tricky. “I’ve been able to focus solely on creating content”, concludes WackyJacky101.

    And it’s words like this that make what we do worthwhile.

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