Focusing on what matters & sparking moments of joy

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    Valuing the person behind the content

    Thorlar, is a Twitch streamer who dabbles in a variety of game genres, with JRPG and horror being his faves. In his free time, he likes turning his feet backwards (ouch) and muting movies to which he adds his own dialogue (which we think is pretty cool). He came to Wehype as he wanted a platform that would save him time and money — while allowing him to work with relevant brands in the gaming space.

    “I choose to work with Wehype” Thorlar says, “because they’re always personal and friendly. While I don’t mind that certain interactions have to be ‘business oriented’, Wehype has always made clear they value the person — putting our health first”.

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    If the content sparks joy & happiness, that’s easily the biggest benefit. Nothing in the world will keep you doing something if you're not happy doing it in the long run.

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    Finding happiness through relevant sponsorships

    “I’ve had the chance to work with all types of games, which I personally have enjoyed greatly. I love seeing what’s out there and not only has Wehype introduced some games to me, but they also got me into one of my favorite games to play in my spare time: Final Fantasy XIV Online.”

    “The biggest benefit of working with Wehype can be summarized in one word: happiness. I get the chance to work with all types of games, which I personally have enjoyed greatly — I always leave with a smile on my face”, Thorlar tells us.

    Seeing the bigger picture with a “10/10 platform”

    We work closely with Thorlar to make sure he has all the tools he needs to do his job. In other words, our platform is designed to make it super simple to understand briefs, create content, and track payments.

    Time, money, stress? Forget it, says Thorlar: “The Wehype platform is very smooth, giving you a good overview of what’s expected. I very rarely need to clarify things or figure out how to use something properly. The instructions are always on point which saves me SO much time!”.

    Focusing on (and enjoying) the game

    “All I have to do is enjoy myself”, beams Thorlar. When we hear things like this from our community of creators, we get very happy indeed.

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