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Streamloots gain new users by partnering with Wehype

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Connecting Streamloots with our community of creators

Streamloots is a marketplace to buy real-time interactions with content creators, helping them to monetize and engage with their audience . The interactions come in the form of card packs that viewers can redeem live on your stream to influence your actions and support you directly. Working successfully with Wehype before, Streamloots came back to run another influencer campaign on Twitch — this time to increase virality and gain new users. 

Targeted content creators for this campaign were those with an active community interested in engaging with their favorite creators. The focus, in this case, is not the interest of the game per se, but the creators as people and the relationship they have with their audiences.

oskar höglund streamloots

We work with Wehype for the all-in-one place to track the chosen influencers performance and metrics, and the assistance in outreach and introductions to creators.

Per Oskar HöglundHead of Business Development

Delivering a simple message & driving exposure

The campaign started in December 2021, with 14 creators producing 27 streams in total. The creators used Streamloots for a specific amount of time, showcasing it to their audiences with description banners that allowed Streamloots to drive clicks from Twitch to the product. The stream also included an interactive chatbot and a branded overlay banner — making sure to maximize the exposure of the service. 

The messaging of the campaign was simple: more collections to choose from, and overall more features to create a greater experience.

Streamloots recognize positive organic growth post campaign

This campaign was aimed directly at Wehype’s global network of content creators (rather than their communities). The aim was for them to start using the Streamloots card service. 

The campaign drove a total of 9m viewer minutes on Twitch, and creators continued to use the service post-campaign. Streamloots gained new user registrations from the chosen creators which in turn affected the virality and organic growth. We can safely say the campaign turned out fantastically — for both Streamloots and the creators.

yabbe twitch profile picture

Another great stream, I've really enjoyed Streamloots! I will continue to use them whenever there's a nice pack for a game I like playing. Thank you!

YabbeContent Creator
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