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Pixmain launches its new title with Wehype

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Finding YouTubers in the right place, at the right time

Pixmain is an indie game publisher established in 2020 and is the publishing arm of Bytedance. My Time at Portia launched for PC in 2019 and became the first game in the My Time series to be released for mobile with the launch on iOS and Android in August 2021. The primary feature is crafting objects in a workshop to fulfill commissions to improve the town of Portia.

When we asked Melinda what the main challenges were for them (and why they decided to come to Wehype) they said: “We wanted to find the right creators at the right time in our publishing timeline, maximizing exposure to an engaged audience — in the most cost-effective way.”

Reaching a global audience 

The campaign was executed in three phases: Pre-Order 1 & 2, and then a big launch of the game. It was run by eight creators on YouTube via the Dedicated and Integrated formats.

For Integrated, a sponsored spot was placed at the beginning of each creators’ regular content — making sure My Time at Portia got great visibility. What’s more, by advertising the game alongside their own narrative, creators were able to build a highly authentic campaign, tailored to their own community.

For Dedicated, creators produced an 8 minute long video showcasing every aspect of My Time at Portia. This included creative, in-depth video content for the release of the game — ensuring visibility for the gameplay, but also a clear, clickable download link to optimize CPI.

Wehype helped us find the right creators in the most cost-effective way and work with them to engage their audiences.

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Driving massive exposure through YouTube

Powered by the Wehype Platform, our team was able to sign eight relevant YouTubers that matched the title My Time at Portia. With the aim of maximizing ROI and reaching gamers that were most likely to engage with the title, the campaign delivered over 600,000 views — a 22% over-delivery on the estimate, and over 29,000 engagements.

We asked Melinda what results they were most satisfied with, and the answer was: “Impressions and exposure from the campaign”. And that makes us pretty damn happy.

Views (+22%)
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