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Building an ambassador team for Astro

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Reaching console gamers with the new Astro headset 

With the release of the  Astro A10 Headset (which is awesome, btw) Wehype was tasked with promoting the release through influencer marketing. The aim was to create an ambassador team within the Nordic Region which included four creators. Our goal was to push engagement and hype amongst console gamers in the Nordic region — with featured content in which the Astro A10  was the  essential piece of hardware.

Boosting purchase intent through authentic activation

The handpicked creators streamed with full branding on their Twitch channels for 4 weeks — with a minimum of 6 streams, utilizing the Twitch Display format.

The creators announced the partnership on Twitch by unboxing the product, sharing key features, and using the product live on their streams. Creators were tasked to produce their own headset giveaway concept in their own style. This authenticity was key in boosting Astro’s credibility within the community.

  • Product Placement: The content creators wore the headset throughout the entire campaign in their streams 
  • Title Sponsor: Astro in their stream title
  • Panel Banner: Banner always visible in the Livestream panel with link
  • Chatbot Message: Message published in the chat every 15 minutes with a link
  • Shoutouts during the stream to the brand for sponsoring the stream
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I can strongly recommend Wehype if your aim is to activate the gaming community. They identified the right influencers and helped us make our launch a success!

Sebastian AnderssonMarketing Specialist Nordics - Gaming at Logitech G

Driving trust — and results — through Wehype’s ambassador program

Each creator became an ambassador for Astro and their Astro A10 headset. By using the product, doing mentions, streaming with full branding and creating their own giveaways, the content created was highly authentic. The result? Loads of viewer minutes, and lots of hyped Astro10  activations.

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