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    Achieving short & long-term goals, together

    Incon is a Twitch and YouTube streamer with Tourettes, who originally got into gaming via the eSports scene — learning about content creation through a pro gaming lens. He now focuses on creating content that helps thousands of gamers learn to play better. Pretty cool, right?

    Incon came to Wehype as he was keen to work with relevant brands and find his community as many helpful deals as possible. Ever since, we’ve been working side-by-side with Incon to do just that. And if you ask us, we think we make a pretty good duo.

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    The Wehype platform is easy to navigate & they always promptly respond to any of my questions!

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    Getting tons of sponsored opportunities that just make sense

    “One of the benefits of working with Wehype”, says Incon, “is that their platform makes it easy to find more sponsorships, and to see if they’re a good fit for my community”. We worked with Incon to connect him with the right brands, while also finding him regular opportunities.

    We wanted the content to truly resonate with his audience of MMO, MOBA, and RPG gamers — not to feel out of place and awkward. And when speaking to creators like Incon, one of the things that pops up most is pay. Will I get paid fast? When will I get paid? But one of our core promises to creators is that you’ll get paid in weeks, not months. “Payments are at a premium and I’m always paid promptly”, says Incon. Because that’s how it should be.

    Forgetting all about massive contracts

    Once we find Incon good matches, our platform makes it easy for him to understand the job at hand. Why? Because big, complex contracts can be off-putting and time-consuming. 

    “The layout of the sponsorship is right in front of you so you don’t have to read through a massive contract to know what your deliverables are going to be”. And if you do ever get stuck? “Wehype always uses my preferred method of communication — Discord — for quick and easy responses”.

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    Taking care of the heavy lifting

    “I’ve been focused solely on content creation for about five years now. Negotiating contracts can take a hot minute, so it’s always nice to have an agency that can do the heavy lifting for you!” Incon concludes. 

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