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Reaching millions of gamers via YouTube & Twitch for GTFO

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Providing a launchpad to drive sales

GTFO is a survival horror first-person shooter cooperative game developed by Swedish studio 10 Chambers — founded in 2015. The game presents a real challenge that throws you from gripping suspense to explosive action in a heartbeat.

GTFO had its initial release in 2019 (available only through Steam’s Early Access) and was aimed at hardcore gamers looking for a real challenge. With its full launch two years later in 2021, the studio improved accessibility to reach a broader playerbase, and Wehype partnered with 10 Chambers to maximize sales during the first months of this full game  launch.

Creating a global influencer marketing strategy (& executing it)

We teamed up with 10 Chambers with the ultimate goal of recruiting new gamers to the franchise’s core player base. Since the game is best played together, squads of creators were engaged for the campaign — leveraging synergies and relationships to create inspiring moments that went viral.

Using Twitch Let’s Play and YouTube Dedicated, the creators highlighted the intense, thrilling, and sometimes terrifying moments. To make the content even more engaging, creators were encouraged to wear heart-rate monitors and build on the core emotion of the game. To reach a wider audience with a niched game like GTFO, we also leveraged YouTube Integrated ads inside creator content playing similar games.

10 chambers logo white transparent background

It was great to see the strong impact creators had on GTFO’s Version 1.0 launch. Thank you for your energy, passion, and dedication delivering the campaign – it’s a pleasure to work together!.

Chris TattersallCMO & CCO

Launching GTFO into the arms of millions of gamers

With 63 Twitch streamers and 25 YouTubers combined leveraging three different Ad Formats, the campaign achieved over 14 million viewer minutes on Twitch and over 3.39 million views on YouTube — reaching gamers in over 30 different countries across the US and Europe. This was a great success as the content creators also kept playing the game well beyond the paid campaign. And the icing on the cake? 10 Chambers managed to reach their set sales targets.

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