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    Simplifying content creation

    DuendePablo is a full-time YouTube and Twitch streamer who splits his time between Shooter, MOBA, and a range of other gaming genres. Outside of gaming, DuendePablo is a badass rock singer and Warhammer miniatures painter. DuendePablo came to Wehype because he wanted to find regular opportunities to work with brands and create sponsored content — without the hassle that comes with managing everything on his own.

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    I choose to work with Wehype because of their clean campaigns & clear proposals.

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    Working with the best brands, on Twitch & YouTube

    We partner with DuendePablo for his streams on both Twitch and YouTube — offering him the flexibility he needs to create the best content possible. By automating matches for DuendePablo, he’s able to save countless hours, without endlessly searching for sponsorship opportunities himself.

    The result? “One of the biggest benefits is that I don’t need to seek out campaigns, which saves me a lot of time. Another is getting access to great games, making it very easy to create the content”, says DuendePablo.

    Working with solid foundations

    We do all we can to simplify each sponsorship opportunity for DuendePablo, making everything crystal clear — telling him about deliverables, payment terms, and all the small print. When a new opportunity pops up, we send our content creators a detailed breakdown, explaining everything in plain language.

    The best thing about working with Wehype? DuendePablo sums it up quite nicely: “Wehype has a great, solid platform.” Enough said.

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