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Appguru smashes goals with Sacred Summons campaign

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Boosting Sacred Summons with Mobile Gaming Influencer Marketing

As the mobile gaming industry evolves, developers and publishers are increasingly turning to influencer marketing to boost the engagement for their mobile games. Singapore-based Appguru turned to Wehype to help create an impactful first showing of Sacred Summons to Western Europe and the U.S., focusing on English-speaking audiences for its open beta launch in November 2022.

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Sacred Summons is an MMORPG where players are tasked with defending the mortal realm from the Ghost Clan, a group of humans infected by Chaos that seek to unleash it back into the world. Gamers can summon more than 30 Guardians to fight alongside them, while choosing from seven different classes to suit their preferred combat style. Players can take on bosses alone or with friends, and even find love in the game by unlocking dating scenes and marrying their other half.

Successful shift leads to 30%+ over-delivery of viewership

Powered by our platform, Wehype focused on finding the right content creators for U.S. and European audiences. We were originally zero’d in on making this a 100% Twitch campaign investment, but once we had the opportunity to review and understand the goals, Wehype saw an opportunity to integrate YouTube. As a result of this strategy shift and our test-and-learn approach, the campaign concentrated on Wehype’s YouTube Integrated alongside Twitch Let’s Play ad formats in the target markets.

sacred summons influencer marketing campaign
Sacred Summons YouTube Integrated Campaign

Through this partnership, about two dozen creators made video content about Sacred Summons which received nearly half a million views on YouTube in the two weeks the campaign was live – over-delivering by more than 30 percent. Streams from Twitch creators involved in the campaign were also successful, helping bring in an additional two million viewer minutes.

We'd like to give thanks to the Wehype team for meeting our demands and delivering results within the given budget. From the outset, the teams have been highly communicative, responsive, and committed to achieving goals. We're looking forward to engaging with Wehype again in the future!

Emily KwaAppguru Senior Marketing Executive

This was the first time that Appguru has attempted influencer marketing activations on a significant scale, and the developer was able to reach a highly engaged and relevant audience through the Wehype platform, resulting in significant increases in game downloads and overall brand awareness for Sacred Summons.

As this was an open beta launch, Appguru was also able to gather comments (more than 90,000 chat messages on Twitch) from audiences about which areas of the game to expand upon and improve before the final launch – instant feedback from creators and the creator’s communities to help with the development of Sacred Summons moving forward.