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Launching Chernobylite across the US & Europe

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Connecting creators with a pioneering game

All in! Games is a video game publisher based in Krakow, Poland that publishes games on all major platforms. Chernobylite is a science-fiction survival horror RPG. Set in the hyper-realistic, 3D-scanned wasteland of Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone, players get to explore a non-linear storyline in their search to uncover the truth of a tortured past. 

All in! Games came to Wehype to reach a large number of content creators and their viewers across Europe and the US — in time for full game launch in July 2021.

A match made in heaven: creating just the right atmosphere

Deploying our super smart algorithmic matching engine (which uses a big set of data points such as game and Twitch insights) we targeted creators interested in playing sci-fi and RPG genres, and that could truly embrace the mechanics of Chernobylite.

To maximize impact and create just the right atmosphere, the creators streamed the game in a two-hour long Let’s Play session on Twitch, with branding on their respective Twitch channels and conversion links for tracking: 

  • Banners helped drive clicks to game landing page
  • A ChatBot posted a CTA (and tracking link) in the Twitch chat
  • A Chernobylite branded overlay on every stream 
  • Creator social media posts promoting their streams
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Love the game, and the voiceovers are great. Played a lot of it earlier this year, can't wait to see what else has been added!

SkinnedteenContent Creator

Driving results & forming a lasting partnership

In total, the campaign resulted in 2,178,200 viewer minutes on Twitch — well above the original plan! Since, we’ve had the pleasure of working with ALL IN! in a follow-up campaign for their new game Arboria, an Action RPG created by Dreamplant Studio.

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