Techland reaches the number one spot on Twitch through Wehype Boost

”Wehype did a great job coordinating such a large amount of content creators within a single hour window. A testament to what they can achieve with the right people and bespoke tools.”

Sheri KryeziuInfluencer Lead
585K+ CCV
Electronic Arts

"Wehype makes the important work we do with content creators really simple, saving our team a lot of time and enabling us to be more efficient."

Fredrik Ribbing
Brand Marketing Lead

Streamloots gain new users by partnering with Wehype

"We work with Wehype for the all-in-one place to track the chosen influencers performance and metrics, and the assistance in outreach and introductions to creators."

Per Oskar Höglund
Head of Business Development

Building an ambassador team for Astro

“I can strongly recommend Wehype if your aim is to activate the gaming community. They identified the right influencers and helped us make our launch a success!”

Sebastian Andersson
Marketing Specialist Nordics - Gaming

Launching Rainbow Six Extraction to millions of gamers worldwide

Olivia 'Livvy' Garner
Communications Manager UK
Jonas Damholt
Communications Manager Nordics
Curve Games

"I have trusted Wehype with numerous campaigns across many companies. They have delivered fantastic results with ease of communication and a great platform to follow each campaign live."

James Given
Senior Influencer Manager

Wehype, Microsoft & Creative Assembly join forces to promote the launch of Total War: Warhammer III

Josh Williams
Lead Influencer Relations Manager

Reaching millions of gamers via YouTube & Twitch for GTFO

Chris Tattersall